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TheAgencyStar :: View topic - Fall 2014 - Role-Playing Session - GM Andrew
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Fall 2014 - Role-Playing Session - GM Andrew

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Agency Admin
Agency Admin

Joined: Mar 12, 2008
Posts: 1715
Location: Blaine, Minnesota

PostPosted: Thu Aug 21, 2014 8:39 am    Post subject: Fall 2014 - Role-Playing Session - GM Andrew Reply with quote

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Joined: May 30, 2010
Posts: 308
Location: Terry Gilliam's Swamp

PostPosted: Mon Sep 15, 2014 11:45 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Write-ups for Andrew's fall Slipstream campaign will be posted in this thread. Check back for group summaries. If you are in this group, feel free to post here to talk to other group members.
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Joined: Mar 17, 2014
Posts: 19
Location: Gondolin, Beleriand

PostPosted: Sat Sep 20, 2014 12:50 pm    Post subject: write up 1 Reply with quote

So, this is new. I have a permanent job. I haven't ever had one of those. I grew up as the foster son of a lesser lord on the planet Dracos. I spent most of my life in his library trying to reinvigorate the lost psionic ability of my people. I studied the topic to such an extent that one day as I woke I heard voices in a silent room. It happens that this was the dreams of the person sleeping in the neighboring bed. I in fact became such a talented telepath that I was shunned. So I hopped on a freighter set for Zeebor, a chance I am glad I took. I took odd jobs. jobs stretching from narrator to emissary. My tongue got so silky that I was contracted into a pirate organization. This is my squad's first mission.

We have been in the brig for around two days. this was part of the plan; get as far inside as possible with minimal effort. in other words, get yourself caught. We were heading back to Yarth with a vital politician. A politician it is our job to kidnap. I lean forwards in my cage, "why is the ride taking so long? Yarth isn't all that far."
one of the two posted guards responds: "the engine is shot, we can't go into hyperspace. if we do we'll just be a fireball."
"we have a mechanic, he may be able to help." I gesture towards a robot man tinkering with some stones on his cage floor. He apparently was fastening them together with some of the liquids coursing through tubes under his plate metal shell.
He looks up and has the guard describe the situation to him. He then gave his assessment: "buy a new one. It would be more expensive to fix it."

This conversation was interrupted by the lion man trying to bend the bars to get out of his cage. The silent guard levels a stun-gun at him ... and misses at point blank. Wile this fiasco was going on, the talkative guard was distracted, so the Human in the cage next to him off-inched both his baton and his stunner and clocks his arm with the baton and then tazes him. The guard spasms and hits the button on the wall next to him before falling to the ground. The cages open, and madness ensues.

The door bursts open and two more guards rush in. The robot man draws his new homemade stun pistol and blasts the guard trying to incapacitate me. The lion man reaches through his bars and shreds his assailant. And the Human is launching stun charges all over the place. As the rest of the group were taking out the final guard, I ran to our stuff and set myself up as a sentry. We all got our kit back and along with it a bunch of stunners (seeing as they have proved very useful).

We stepped out into a main chamber of the ship. There are three doors and a hall entrance. the door we came out of, one to our right, and one across from us. there is an open passage to our left, and a computer console in the center of the room. The console was rectangular with faces slanted at a thirty degree angle on the top and directly rooted to the floor on the underside. in the center was a hologram display showing a layout of the ship. I ran up and marveled at the hologram and asked the ship where we currently were. at this moment the robot man was playing with the panels and brought up a system map. I say thanks to the Rocket and we head off and search all the doors. The one to our right is sealed shut, apparently it was the engine room. We feel heat coursing through the door. This ship is *****. We enter the room opposite our cells and find it is dedicated to food storage. as we exit the room to go into the hall, we see two police and someone who seems to be the ship's captain. the lion man impales two of them on his spear and the Human then stuns the captain.

We enter the hall and see the route to the bridge has crumbled in on itself. Luckily there is a service hallway. We crawl through to the neighboring engine complex, which is a mirror to it's companion. We hear panicked screams coming through the door to the engine room. the door appears to have welded itself shut in the immense heat of the inferno. We step up our pace and find the diplomat in a lavishly garnished room on the left side of the chamber. She was sitting on a queen size bed with her aids huddled close to her. There were books strewn across the carpet seeming to have fallen from the shelf on the far wall. The Human levels a lazer pistol at her and starts to threaten her. She looks up and just states "What in heavens is going on?!"
I step up "The ship is falling apart and the engines are alight; we need to get you off this vessel. We have another transport shuttle that will be docking shortly." We hear a soft crunching as if a walkway was attaching itself to the ship. "That would be it."
"come on girls, let's get to safety." She steps up with her aids tailing behind. We all run towards the sound.

As we get to the hallway we see a man in commander's garb with a trident on his breast. He bears a large lazer rifle. and it's pointing at us. The human levels his pistol, and the lion man levels his spear. And I just ask dumbfounded as to why he feels the need to kill us. He smiles ... and then vanishes. A mobile hologram protector rushes through a gap in the wall towards a escape pod that had just jettisoned. The politician is very confused but still rushes through the airlock.
Mission complete; we head back to base.
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Joined: Mar 17, 2014
Posts: 19
Location: Gondolin, Beleriand

PostPosted: Fri Oct 24, 2014 8:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

So, our party consists of one lion man named Orrah, one robot man named D2L, one human named N9, and one dracsos named Keith (me). Orrah is currently on sick leave, so at the moment it is a party of three. Apparently the last job was a test. The diplomat was a spy planted by us. Sooo... that ruins the pride of the mission. Also, our little rat wasn’t authorized to get the info that we wanted. So we were tasked with extracting it from a slippery spice dealer by the name of Johna Parker. He lives on a station orbiting sol 7, or in layman’s terms, Urectum. Yes the confusion around Uranus’s name just got out of hand so it was renamed to be more insulting, and less confusing. The station in question had a command core with three tiers of rings about it. The first ring was the hanger and some high-end bars, the third ring was a dingy bazar, and the second ring was about midway between them. Basically Saturn before the construction project. We asked around on ring one and found that Johna ran a shop on ring three, our informant didn’t know the name of the shop, but we thanked him anyway. We then took the lift up. Being a slow lift this took a few hours.

When the elevator doors open we are besieged by tsunami of sent. As we start walking into the sty N9 suddenly remembers that he is a wanted criminal. Surprised he made it this far without him getting himself jailed, we start looking for a way to hide his identity. We go to the closest store that looks like it sells hats. It was not a hat sore. It was a brothel. We hear a voice from behind the counter. “If you are looking for a lay, I have plenty of girls waiting.”
N9 makes the mistake to speak. “Do you have any men?” We were quickly escorted out of the building. We then check the store opposite. It is a general store with just about any knick-knack that you can find laying in the filth. N9 picks up a bubble helmet, and due to some absurd incompetence, drops it. It shatters on the floor. A large man walks over from the back of the store. He speaks in a menacing tone. “You are paying for the repair of that.”
N9 responds as if he wasn’t being threatened by a large angry store keeper. “I would like to buy it too.”
The large man’s face goes blank with the upper lip quivering. “Then why did you break it?”
“Because it was fun.”
“Yeah, you are paying extra.”
The merchant picks up the pieces and goes into the back room. In about five minutes he returns with the repaired helm, and a blank canister. He calls N9 over to a cash register and starts speaking: “It will be 40 credits for the helmet, 50 for the repair, and for your extra payment…” he brings the canister level with the view port of the helmet, and sprays the entire visor pink.

So now our little fool has some disguise of a sort. The only problem being that we keep getting looks form strangers which makes stealth a bit more difficult. But at least we are safe in the streets. We start asking were to find Jonah Parker. Most of what we get is: “Him? I hate that guy.” We finally found someone who knew the name of his shop: Exotic Herbs and Spices. Very boring name, no wonder everyone forgot. We see a sign saying the same, it was pointed down an alley. In the alley was a small hole blasted into a foreclosed building, inside was a shop. This is the shop that all the horrible smells in the third ring came from. We enter gagging. All of us except for N9 that is, who was feeling very proud of his bright pink barf bag. Behind the desk in the center of the room is a black hairy spider with its rear four legs on the ground and its front four moving contents around in the jars that litter the table. Were the head of this spider should be, there was the head of a man instead. Once the pink helmet came through the hole in the wall, he set down his work and started skittering towards us, weaving his way through the labyrinth of plants. “Hello, what can I do for you?”
D2L takes this as a queue to speak of the mission. “We are here from Longmane. He wants information on the pantheon. Will you assist?”
“That information is costly, but if you do a little job for me I may relinquish it…”
I pipe up, “What is this little job”
“I happen to be in debt to a certain someone, a septosian pirate captain by the name of Lisk. I want you to make him take a course of action that means he will not come asking for the money.”
“So you want us to kill him.”
“Not kill, just… get rid of.”
“It seems a simple job, we’ll take it.”
“Lisk is currently moored at this station on the first ring.”

We exit the dingy weed shop and head for the lift. A group of thugs come on after us pushing each other around and bickering as they enter. There were two words that they were uttering the most and they were ‘dude’ and ‘bro’. They looked drunk. This was confirmed to us when two of them just started brawling. N9, being his odd self, asked if he could join in.
“What? No.”
“But it looks fun.”
N9 then did something incredibly stupid: he punched them. So, N9 was rolling on the floor with those two, two others came over to me. I tried reasoning, all that did was startle the guys assailing me. They obviously had never heard of such a thing as reason. So they continued stabbing me. The last one went over to D2L, whose response was to punch him in the face. Except, he punched through his face. The unrecognizable lump of flesh fell to the ground. This shocked all of the attackers into silence. They ran over and crouched around him. “Mike? Dude, bro, wake up… come on wake up!” They all suddenly sobered up. One of them came up and handed N9 a brochure. After this they just sulked in the corner. The pamphlet was a folded piece of printer paper with the words ‘Dude Bro’ doodled on the front in the form of spray paint bubble letters. On the inside was just one sentence written in alternating colors of crayon: ‘Hail the ineffable Stiffler.’
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Joined: Mar 17, 2014
Posts: 19
Location: Gondolin, Beleriand

PostPosted: Fri Nov 07, 2014 8:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The lift makes it to the second ring and the dude bros get off. And a pair of pirates get on. They talk about getting new crew and the financial problems that would erupt from that: “If there is more crew, then there will be less loot to go around.”
“No, the newbies will die and we will get more loot because we can tackle bigger jobs.”
N9 speaks up: “You’re looking for recruits? May we join?”
They go into a huddle in the corner: “mumble, mumble?”
“Mumble, mumble mumble.” They stand up, “yes you are welcome to join. Just follow us once the lift stops.”

When we get to ring one, we follow the duo to a bar with about twenty people drinking and reveling. One of the few who wasn’t completely smashed was an antelopos. Our guides pointed us in his direction. We walked over and started talking: “We would like to join.”
“Who told you to join?” We point to the pair who are waving back, already drunk. He holds his forehead in his forehove. “Not again; I told them to stop dragging people from the street here. What are your qualifications?”
D2L: “I am a mechanic and have punched strait through someone’s face.”
“That will come in handy. Next.”
Keith: “I have a silky tongue that has tricked a senator onto our shuttle.”
“That is something we can use. As you can see, most of our crew are idiots with drinking problems. Next.”
N9 takes off his bubble helmet.
“Wait… you’re N9? Didn’t you do that thing? You know, the thing that made you notorious. The thing where you thinged.”
“Yeah, I also did that other thing.”
His eyes lit up. “Wow! You’re in!”

We walked to the hanger we talked with our employer. His name is Bambos and our post is as personal guard for the captain. Bambos is second in command, Lisk is first in command. Our charge to protect; our target to remove. We make it to the ship. We wish we didn’t. It is a piece of trash. The paneling is lose and rusted. It has three different paintjobs, all of them chipped. And the ventilation system is just a set of ruptures in the ship’s hull. “It’s not as shit as it appears.”
I chime in: “Yes it is.” We walk up the ramp into the vessel. “It’s not as shit as it appears.” It wasn’t. It was styled like a roman temple. Except everything was made of bathroom and TARDIS materials. The corners were plastic fluted pillars. The walls were steel plate with systematic holes in it. And the floor was slick ceramic tiles. As we walked to the bridge we spoke with Bambos about the ship: “Why does it look like such a dump from the outside?”
“It’s a great disguise, if we are caught, people just let us slide by because we look to be poor freelancers.”
“Then what’s with all the holes in the ship?”
“That you will find out shortly.” As we enter the bridge, we see that everyone was wearing bubble helmets. The door opened after us and in squeezed a massive slug. It was a double door and he barely fit. He was a snot greenish yellow. In the folds of is back there was a sock sticking out. Near the base of his foot I am certain I heard a squeak. But the most noticeable element was the stench. I now not only know what the holes in the ship are for, but also why everyone is wearing bubble helmets. I rush to put mine on. So this was Lisk. “Thum on! Thets get mofthing! Be are Feddin’ for da mining colothy on Thyperion.”
Yes. This is a lump of lisping lard named Lisk. His beady eyes glided over our sorry forms. “Thu da hell are you?”
“We’re your personal guard.”
“Thumfth! My guess dat now I om a corpthrite thoncho, my could thoboly use one.”
The ride to Sol 6 was cramped and unpleasant. The constant removal of the stench from the ship was little help with Lisk around. Even though that is probably why it was implemented.

When we make it to the planet we see a giant ball of gas, large enough to swallow earth over a hundred times. This was still not the largest planet, though the extension to the rings of ice orbiting the planet makes it a close race. Orbiting both planet side and void side of the ice fields is steel webbing. This webbing is actually a system of cities, strung together in orbit around their mutual interest, spice mining in the gasses of Saturn. Inside the ring is a system of blue streaks moving perpendicular to the planet’s surface. These streaks connect the inner and outer settlements and you can see craft zipping along in the highways. We make for a small moon called Hyperion. It has so little mass that it isn’t even spherical. It’s more of an asteroid.

We touch down in a bio dome: a shield to hold in an atmosphere. It is a small dome, only able to contain flat docking zone. We could barely land five ships on it. In the corner is a hole into the rock. This apparently the way we are going. Inside the rock is a mine. The walls are coated with slaves cutting into the rock. We wind deep into the stone and enter a sort of block of offices. Odd place to put one, but Lisk is odd. Lisk and the receptionist bicker about salaries for the workers. Save for the problem that they are chained to the mine, so the pay doesn’t matter, they are slaves.

We hear a rabble in the cave we came from. We see some of the workers coming forward with digging tools. They are now mining the ceiling. We hear a rumble. The cave falls.
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