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TheAgencyStar :: View topic - Winter 2015 - Role-Playing Session - GM Andrew
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Winter 2015 - Role-Playing Session - GM Andrew

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Agency Admin

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 01, 2014 11:38 am    Post subject: Winter 2015 - Role-Playing Session - GM Andrew Reply with quote

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Joined: Mar 17, 2014
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 16, 2015 6:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Authors note: this is everything I have written for Andrew's slipstream campaign that I have not already posted for the fall(the rest is in the fall page). I have gotten to the point were I embellish to the point of it taking far to long to write (this is with shortening the story). I will not be able to continue doing it like this. either someone else should do the write up, or I can just write awesome scenes that deserve to be recorded(there well be one or two coming just from what happened when I was catching up and I am exited to write them down). If one of you would like to do consistent writ ups just say so on the forum and start posting. If no one does, I will just post scenes that cannot be forgotten.

The main path is blocked by a wall of rubble. There is an offshoot path that juts to the left. Strewn around the floor and crushing the top of the office block are boulders from the ceiling. Under the rocks, are the bloody bodies of the slaves. There are a few still alive, and they are going for the unconscious form of Lisk who was clocked with a rock, but due to his generous mass, he survived. Pity. “Ah good. Maybe he won’t remember he is a pirate and we can have a nice smelling ship.” We all look at Bambos. A vial of salt was in my bag for some reason. It was nestled with the parachutes just beneath the flares. On it were the words ‘Captain’s favorite spice’. I have no idea how it got there, but it shall have use. I upend the vial of salt onto Lisk’s back. Screams of agony ring throughout the cave. There is a loud sizzling sound that is being drowned out by the cacophony. While this was happening, the remaining slaves were killed due to them attacking us. Bambos whispers in my ear: “You fool.” Lisk stands up. “They thave salt! I don’t thow vaer they got bit, but they thave salt!” Bambos smiles in my direction as we rush down the open corridor, the cave crumbling around us.

We make it to a rail system with one a few mine carts on it. “Tho a bed of thus to thout the area.” We split into two groups and jump in the carts, careening off into the distance. I am in a cart with the receptionist. She is a valkyra with a generic skillset, save for one thing, she can’t focus on what is happing around her. Which would have been useful have been a useful skill, seeing as we were in a hub of rails all going everywhere. We were on a middle level, there were some paths that shot downwards at an angle that would nearly send the cars off the track. Others went up, and more shot off in various directions towards the walls. Each of these had a gate covering the part of the path that leads outside of the hub. Through one of these gates we saw a large section of tracks that go up out of view. As we turn onto the correct track, the gate closes. We see a cart full of facility guards, one of them is touching a panel at the pilot’s station. Orrah looked down at his panel. He sees a button next to the gates. It says “OPEN/CLOSE”. He pushes it on our gate of choice. The gate opens. The guard pushes his. The gate closes. The receptionist aims a shot at the guard cart. The cart hops off the track, and seeing as they would die from the fall any way, the crew tries to jump onto the rain from the falling cart. The best they could do is brain themselves on the iron rails.

We open the gate and enter the shaft up. There are one rail going up and one going down. We take the route going up. Laser shots fly by us and hit rails in front of up, causing them to heat to a red glow for a second. The cart goes on unhindered, though we [are] hindered seeing as we are now being chased by another cart of guards. A car turns in from higher up on the rails and is now bearing down on us. We would be hammered against an anvil if not for the GM making it easy to shoot of the wheels of a cart. And that is just what I did. I leveled my pistol at one of the wheels of the cart coming head on at us. The shot lands. The wheel flies off into the abyss under the track, the axel grinding against the rail causing the effect of a brake. Yet this brake was only on one side, so the cart soon followed the wheel into the chasm. As the car careened into the chasm, one of the occupants leapt out. At the apex of the jump he swung his hand down to his belt, activating the thrusters on his waist. He hovered in front of our cars and kept pace with us, raining hell down on our heads with a laser rifle. N9 gave him some pain in the groin. This hit the belt, disabling the thrusters. They jettisoned all of their remaining fuel and the unfortunate passenger is now paste on the celling.

We are now at the outlet from which the fallen cart entered. Here is where tracks from another hub run next to ours all the way to the exit. It is a flat, strait run all the way to the light. The car chasing us has finally caught up. And on the other set of rails a cart enters beside us. In it is Lisk and Bambos. “Bambos has thold be all thabout your threson beganst me.”
N9 yells across the carts: “Bambos! You traitor’s traitor!” Lisk looks over at Bambos.
“What trust do you have for them? They already betrayed you once.” Lisk nods and pulls out two rocket pistols with armor piercing rounds installed. The cronies in his car each draw a pistol, and Bambos draws a ray rifle. I rush over to the rear of our carts and fire a shot from my pistol. The shot makes contact with the fuel tank of the chasing car and ends it in a fiery explosion. Lisk fires a shot from one of his hand cannons at the receptionist’s head. These being armor piercing rounds, pierced strait through the armor of her skull and emptied her brain onto the floor. Then in his other hand he launched a round at D2L. This shot was not as accurate seeing as he is not an ambidextrous pile of goo, landed between D2L’s left shoulder and his elbow, removing them from the rest of his body. Bambos jumped carts and pointed his rifle at N9’s face. Then he smiled and the two of them got rid of Lisk’s cronies. This did not take very long because they could just stand in place because the goons can’t shoot to save their life (which is what they were trying to do), and Lisk was preoccupied with Orrah, who was running at him with a spear. Lisk was panicking and shooting franticly, riddling the floor of Orrah’s cart with two inch wide holes. Orrah jumped the gap between the carts, and as he landed, his spear running Lisk through.

The carts make their way through the exit of the cave and we come back to the small hanger under the bio-dome. Bambos makes a speech to his new crew that goes something like this: “Lisk is dead! We can now breathe in the ship!” He was met with much rejoicing. With our contract to Lisk voided, we are given a ride back to our ship. In the bridge: “I must give you guys some form of thanks! We can now be happy with our work!”
D2L responds by saying “We would like you to forgive Jonah Parker’s debts.”
“Ok, just let me look at my files…” He pulls out his wallet and from it draws a card. The card unfolds into a stack of papers about half the height of the room. “… Lisk liked paperwork. Let’s see Jonah Parker, Jonah Parker… Ah! Here we go! …it seems that he owes five cents? Lisk is strange. I know no other person who cares so much about a nickel. …Oh wait. This says Jon Parks. Let’s go back to searching.” We watch as he coats the entire floor of the bridge with papers.
The pilots are murmuring to each other “you would think that they would switch to computers by now wouldn’t you.”
“Here it is!” He leaves through the file “Hm… it doesn’t say what this is for. I will have to speak with him.”
D2L: “You can come with us when we disembark then.”

When we disembark Bambos joins us at Jonah Parker’s doorstep (or cave entrance). “And just after I got rid of Lisk...” He was talking about the stench. As we walk in N9 trips on a chair. Jonah having notices a commotion comes out from behind the store with an old machine gun, you know, the kind that use that ancient material ammo. “Oh, it’s just you.”
Bambos decides to speak “What was it you were in debt to Lisk for?”
“I lost a shipment.”
“Ok. Yeah, I’ll forgive that. Farewell.”
“So you finished the job. Good. I guess that you want the info now eh?”
D2L: “Yes”
“Okay, sit down.” We all take seats on the piles of crates. “Now that you are comfortable-”
N9: “We’re not.”
“Shut up. I will tell you how I got to know the pantheon. I had been trying to learn of their motives since I first heard of them. I had sent lots of people into their maw, but only one survived. At least I think he survived. He will either be on his home farming colony on mars, or in the sol 2 penitentiary due to charges of espionage. It is a massive station orbiting Venus and when a prisoner is to be executed they jettison their cell to be crushed by the planet’s atmosphere. Do you still what to go?”
N9: “Yes.”

We decided to go to mars first because we may actually survive that one. We found nothing. N9 did get us thrown in jail though. We are now in the sol 2 penitentiary, which was our other destination. And sitting in the cell with us is the person we were searching for. His name is Jonas Alaban. And he is a bird.

So yeah… We are in a maximum security prison because N9 thought it to be a good idea to talk to the police while tapping into their radio signal, and to compound the problem, we blew up the forces that came to speak with him. I do not know why we do not dump him, but at least we met Jonas so things aren’t all bad. We hear a crackle and look towards the door. The two guards at our door frame let two more into our cell and shut the door. One steps says: “Now I will teach you how to ‘discipline’ the inmates.” He pulls out a baton and lays it upon D2L’s chest. It hits the steel plate, grating off. D2L grabs his hand and twists it 180 degrees. N9 picks up the dropped baton and starts fencing with the other guard. Shortly after both guards were unconscious on the floor, one with a broken wrist. We call out saying that the ‘prisoners’ have been properly disciplined. The door opens and we knock out the two door guards as well. On the bodies are two rocket belts, two ray gun rifles, four batons, and a man catcher. N9 and I get the rifles, Orrah and I get the rocket belts, D2L gets the man catcher, and batons all around.

We step out of the cell and look around. We are in an immaculate white hospital style hallway. The hall has a slight curve to it so we can’t see things that are a mile distant. Every 300 meters there is an intersection that leads to more identical hallways. This is a big prison. There are colored lines built into the tile floor, one red, and one blue. Since both directions are identical, we argue for 2 minutes, flip a coin, argue some more, and then go to the right. The first intersection we come to has a green line on the floor as well as the other two. Luckily, on the wall is a legend for the colored lines, otherwise we would be very lost for very long. Blue is station command, Green is the mess hall, Red is the armory. So this time we talk it through, not argue (we are reasonable sometimes). We head for station command to hijack the prison. This is a stupid idea. We all think it is a good one (we are reasonable, but not sane).

We follow the blue line for a ways. I say a ways, this walk took hours. N9 is grumbling something about bored-enough-to-eat-the-paint-from-the-walls disease. At the next inter section we check the map. This station curves around half the planet. We started 3 pixels from where we are now and we are 1 pixel away from our destination. This on a 20 inch 1080p monitor. We should think twice now about hijacking the station now, but we don’t. N9 is rubbing off on us.
“ck, ck, ck, ck, ck” that unpleasant sound is the sound of steel hard boots hitting a tile floor down one of the corridors, specifically, the one in which we are walking. Coming from the direction we are walking in. N9 sees a crook in the wall a few meters ahead. We all rush silently after him, myself pulling up the rear and positioning myself with my tail lying in the passage. The guards, for that is what the painful clacking was, walk by. They do not notice the dragon tail in their way; they do not notice everyone glaring at a lizard man who is attempting not to make eye contact with his friends. These guards suck. That or they are expecting us. We think it to be the former and quietly jeer them as they fade into the distance. As we find out later, it was really the latter, and we will rue our stupidity.
The blue line juts around a corner and leads strait into the maw of a shiny marble elevator that took up the entire wall of the hall it occupied. It had fluted pillars as the doorframe, at the top of the pillars were flying buttresses in the fashion of foliage holding up a boring slab of stone with nasty vicious spikes on the underside pointed at our heads. On the inside is a velvet carpet, mirrors on the ceiling, and glass buttons rimmed with gold riddled all across the three void black tile walls. Orrah sees a button that says ‘station command’. His paw reaches for the button his index claw stretching out towards the clear circle. The tip touches, presses, jams, curls into a fist and punches. The button is not responding. The lift doors close, and the lift will not move.
We were sitting there for five minutes moping that we would starve in a goddamned elevator of all things! The main feeling was sadness at the start. Then when N9 started running his hands on every button of the thousands in the lift it turned to anger. Who was he to mock their circumstances? We all decided that the first to be eaten would be him. The aggravating clicking of buttons ceases. N9 speaks, we try to block it out but as we are forced to hear those words we feel elation instead of the rage that had been snowballing in our tormented minds at all thoughts being driven from our heads by the apparently eternal click click of the monster that is N9. The words are as follows: “The button is glowing. It says armory on it.” The lift starts to move. We come to the appropriate floor, the doors open. We treat this small occurrence as a great miracle after the mindset of a humiliating doom.
In front of us is a short strait hall. It ends at a door and form there shoots off in opposite directions perpendicular to it. Inside the door is piles upon piles of weapons. Alone in a corner is an individual crate. Inside this suspicious crate we find our all our kit. We hear a cacophony of boots coming from the long halls. We are trapped. It is either die here, or risk the lift again. Despite our hate for it we enter the lift. The doors close, one of the buttons lights, and the ride begins. Not one of us have done anything. We see that the glowing button says ’station’, and our hearts are filled with dread.
The lift shudders to a halt, the doors creek open to reveal about 2 score men at arms, 3 dozen technicians, and 1 douche-with-trident-on-his-shirt. “Hello, welcome to the sol 2 penitentiary. You seem to have escaped your cells. You rats may prove useful, would you care to join us? The pay is good.”
I say “How good?”
D2L specks not with words but with a stunner shot into the main computer shorting the thing.
Douche-with-trident-on-his-shirt does not like what D2L said. We run.

Lasers sear the ground by our feet as we rush down a hallway, blast doors closing all around us. We see the hanger and our ship in its detention. The only problem being that the door frame leading to the hanger bears a sealing blast door. We all push our legs to their limit in a sure to be vain attempt to make it through. N9 and D2L just run through, I jump through sideways, Jonas narrows himself and flies through, and the last of our party being a lithe lion man dives through just as the gate shuts seconds after him pulling into a summersault and springs back into a run. We make it to the ship and take off while being rained on by massive bolts of encapsulated plasma form turrets all along the keel of the station. The blackness of space is drowned out by swarms of small fighters flowing out of the prison. We barely warp out before being crushed against the waves of metal.

“This is what happens when you anger the pantheon: the power of the gods is absolute. Do you still wish to fight them?” This was Jonas. And we answer yes.
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