Date: Monday, February 15 @ 08:02:53 MST
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“We Who Are About To Die, Salute You.”
If you have every wanted to run your own fantasy football franchise but with a bunch of blood thirsty Gladiators ready to crush your opponent's skull in...then have we got something for you, Gladiator Wars League!

Create and build up your own Gladiator School.  Buy, Sell and Trade your Gladiators to other Schools or be the highest bidder at the monthly meat market.  Pit your School’s Gladiators against others in various battles held every month.  See your Gladiators advance in levels as they earn XP from winning battles and for every “Outright Kill”.  School rankings are based on total money (Denarii) generated from winning Gladiatorial contests, betting on the winning School, and all assets and liabilities in keeping your Gladiator stock fit for the next month.   Does your School have what it takes to climb the ladder of success in becoming the top Gladiatorial School in the land?

Destination:   Outpost 2000 in Coon Rapids, MN
Date:   February 20th
Time:   2:00 – 6:00 PM


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