Date: Tuesday, February 16 @ 08:51:20 MST
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"Official Spycraft Day - March 20th.

“Official” Spycraft Day, honoring the Day of the Bullet, is just around the corner once again.  This is a day to honor the art that is espionage and the game that we have all come to know and love – Spycraft.  This is a perfect way to introduce the Spycraft RPG system to the masses, your friends and your local gaming store.
Having trouble organizing or getting the word out that you play Spycraft? No problem.  We here at TheAgencyStar have got you covered.  We could think of no better way or date to start your next Spycraft gaming session than on (or around) the “Official” Spycraft Day - March 20th.  To commemorate this special day, we have created two downloadable fliers that you can use to recruit new Agents for your next mission, and welcome them to the world of Spycraft.


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